Thursday, March 8, 2012

Paint and Floors

We are now at the stage where interior finishes like paint and floors are coming fast and furious plus the exterior siding keeps moving along. The cedar siding is finished with Sikkens natural cedar semi-transparent stain. Adding a bit of pigment to the stain helps the clear cedar with the inevitable weathering that occurs here in the Pacific Northwest.

Upper terrace
Looking towards downtown Bellevue
Siding complete this side except for the garage and the skinny wall

The white oak floors have all been installed and have had an initial sanding. After they have acclimated for a bit longer, they will get several coats of clear hardwood finish. In the pictures you can see a gap at where the walls meet the floor that is where the flush baseboards will go. Instead of bumping out from the wall, they will sit flush with a thin reveal between the baseboard and the sheetrock. It's a nice modern touch that's possible in rooms that don't have wall-to-wall carpeting.

Living room
Kitchen cabinets installation is underway
Getting there
Upper hall
From master bedroom across the hall to rear guest bedroom


  1. amflowmarg@yahoo.comMarch 24, 2013 at 4:55 PM

    Would love to know the color/brand of the paint you used. I couldn't find it in your notes.

    Thank you for sharing,


    1. The final color for the walls and trim was a Benjamin Moore color, Simply White. The actually paint was Sherwin Williams ProMar 200 Zerovoc Latex that was color matched to the BM color. The ceilings we left with BM Cloud White. In the end, we wanted the white to be neutral but not on the cool side and Simply White was perfect.

    2. Oh, and we went with flat finish for the ceilings, eggshell for the walls, and satin for the trim.

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